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Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent cosmetic makeup is not vanity…it’s sanity.

The makeup solution for people who can’t wear conventional makeup due to allergies or poor eyesight, or want to simply wake up with makeup.

Our goal is to help reveal your best self.

After years of advancements, permanent cosmetics application has undergone some wonderful and exciting changes and developments. Beautiful customized color pigments are chosen for your skin,, and you want professionals who stay apprised of the latest technologies and education performing your procedures. Debi (CPCP) and Jeremy represents the best you can have applying your permanent makeup solution.

Permanent Makeup consists of tiny bits of colored pigment implanted into the skin, which create a soft, natural looking shadow of color. We custom blend color for each individual. Micro Pigment Implantation is hygienic and completely safe. New anesthetics and technique produce a numbing effect for eyebrows, eyeliners and lips, that allows for applications with minimal discomfort. Refined techniques and state of the art equipment greatly reduce the time involved to perform your procedure.

A follow-up perfection visit is included 4-6 weeks post to make sure your permanent cosmetics are 100% to your satisfaction. We will explain our unique aftercare instructions to ensure a fantastic outcome.

For all of these services, Debi (CPCP) and Jeremy will assess your facial features for the best solution before we begin. We will fully explain the plan, the time involved, the cost, and the aftercare to help you make the best decision for you.

You will get the advantage of our vast experience and expertise to ensure aesthetically artistic permanent makeup.

CPCP – Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional – Awarded by The Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals.

Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame and finish your facial features.

We will assess your facial features and create a beautiful complimentary shape for your permanent eyebrows.We will assess your facial features and create a beautiful complimentary shape for your permanent eyebrows. The shape of eyebrows can mask your true emotional facial expression. We skillfully sculpt your eyebrows with permanent makeup to enhance your natural emotional expressions.

Debi (CPCP) and Jeremy will shape, shade, and fill in eyebrows according to what you want and need, and specialize in realistic looking 3D eyebrows that have a feathered, natural appearance that looks like real hair.

The permanent eyebrow makeup will appear 30% darker for a few days; our unique aftercare protocol will help ensure first-rate results.

Permanent Designer Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner means never having to reapply eyeliner again.

Micro Pigment Implantation is hygienic and completely safe. Due to the use of topical anesthetic, and an advanced numbing technique, discomfort is minimal.

  • Save yourself the cost and time of applying traditional eyeliner.
  • Never have a black eye makeup residue from traditional eyeliner..
  • Wake up looking finished and beautiful with permanent eyeliner.

Permanent Eye Shadow

Debi (CPCP) and Jeremy takes great care to add just a touch of permanent color with their permanent eye shadow procedures.

We call it Whisper Shadow. A light wash of pigment and color creates a smoky eye look. This highly advanced permanent makeup technique uses specialized patented needles and multiple shades of pigment to create a beautiful and natural eyelid enhancement. This is perhaps the most artistic practice of permanent eye makeup, with a beautiful multi-dimensional result.

Permanent Lip Color

Permanently regain the natural beauty of your vibrant lips from your youth with permanent lip color. Never have lipstick residue left behind on coffee cups or your favorite wineglass again.
In the past permanent lip color was a painful ordeal but the professionals at Salon Jolie have perfected a special numbing technique through years of experience. The discomfort is minimal for most clients. We create a soft, natural looking shadow of color on the surface of your lips.

After designing the perfect lip liner for you, the area is topically numbed for your comfort. Permanent lip color procedures take two hours including designing and numbing. Custom color is mixed to best fit your skin and desired color.

The lip liner is tattooed first, and then the inside is filled with a soft color done with one pass to lessen trauma to the lip tissue. The initial lip color will lighten approximately 50%, leaving a subtle soft, full permanent lip color.

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You’ve become a wonderful part of every morning! I save so much time and always have perfect eyeliner!”
Once again I need to thank you for how much you have helped me feel better about myself.
I awoke this morning, looked in the mirror loving that I didn’t need eyebrow pencil.
Dianne Bryant
Instead of tired and old, you gave me fresh and alert.
Just Thrilled
I must tell you that every single day when I wake up & go to bed you are in my thoughts. What a gift you are in my life!
All I have to say is I LOVE MY EYEBROWS! You are a wonderful artist!
I appreciate the kindness and quality work you showed my friends and myself. Thank you Jeremy!
Thank you! You are truly an artist, and I will recommend you highly to all my friends.
I cannot rave about my eyebrows enough! Jeremy was very professional and did an outstanding job.
Candice Jones
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new brows and how great it is not to have to draw them on daily. Thank you for making me feel comfortable through the process.
Thank you so much for your excellence!


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